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Candidate’s can view and mark his/her data only; modification in data is to be done in the checklist by the school/College through which the candidate is registering for Annual Intermediate Examination 2017. ( The practice of online modification in candidate’s database by school’s / colleges is discontinued form this year ).

Please read the instructions carefully before you proceed:

Instructions to Candidates:

Candidate’s can view and mark his / her data up to 23:30 hrs of 1st December 2016.

  • For viewing your details, you are required to do the following :

            A. Enter your District Code ( can be obtained from school )
            B. Select your School Name ( from generated list )
            C. Enter your Date of Birth ( in DD – MM – YYYY format )
            D. Select your Name ( from generated list )

            A. Enter your Unique Identification Details (UID)
                ( To know your UID please contact your school in case you are unable    to      log-in via GATEWAY-1.)

  • Once your details match with your data the full form will be displayed on your screen.
  • Carefully check all your particulars, and if there are any errors please note the same. Special attention should be given to columns having hash “ # ” mark before the column no. 
    Example –  # 3. Sex
  • Marking of your data in column no 14a & 14b is compulsory. The same has to be done with a “YES” / “NO” option. Marking will indicate that you have requested for modify/change of your data when you approach them with the printed form of your details asking for changes/corrections.
  • Candidates wanting change in one/more data column(s), should mark their data by selecting “YES” option in column 14a. If you do not want any change in your data select “NO” option in column 14a.
  • Candidates wanting change in photograph should mark their data by selecting “YES” option in column 14b. If you do not want any change in your photograph select “NO” option in column 14b.
  • For taking printout of your details, select “YES” option in column 15, and click on the “SUBMIT FORM’ tab. ( To get the printout the computer should have Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above installed in it ).
  • If there is no correction and you still want to take a printout of your data, you can do the same by selecting “YES” option in column 15 or if you do not want to take a printout of your data select “NO” option in column 15 before clicking on the “SUBMIT FORM’ tab.
  • Type of printout differs depending on choice of options made in column 14a & 14b stated above. The same is also noted at the bottom of the printout.
  • For all type of changes, you are required to submit your printed form to your school. Columns requiring changes are only to be filled in. The same should be filled using Blue Ball Point Pens and in English Capital Letters only.
  • Declaration appearing under column 16 is compulsory and it should be signed both by the candidate & the father / guardian of the candidate before submission of the printed form.
  • For change in photograph, the same should be pasted in the box area provided in the top right hand side of the printed form using strong adhesive; you are also required to put your signature in the designated box below the photograph. (Photograph & Signature should not exceed the box area).
  • All hash “ # ” marked columns may be invalid. The same should be carefully checked & corrected.
  • Changes in data where ever necessary should be made as neatly as possible in the box area provided against each column.
  • Change of School Code, Serial No, School Name & Class appearing on the upper part of the form is not allowed.
  • Do not write Mr / Mrs / Dr / Sri / Smt / Late / Kumar / Kumari / Miss, etc before Your Name, Father’s Name or Mother’s Name.
  • For column no 2 to 9 abbreviated alphabetical codes should be filled as per your category.
    Example – If you want to change your Category from Private to Regular, then you should write R in the blank box provided in column no 4.
  • Subject Codes should be filled only as per the subject abbreviation list. The same may be obtained from the school
  • For any type of changes you should submit your printed form to your school within 1st December 2016.


Instructions to School / College:

·         Schools are advised to look for the note printed at the bottom of the printed forms at the time of receiving the same. These notes are self explanatory and will tell about the nature of correction that the candidate has asked for.

·         Printed forms having additional note at the bottom as “ # marked columns are invalid and needs checking and correction ” indicates that some data of the candidate may be invalid.

Please check the validity of the columns having hash “ # ” in the printed form at the time of receiving the same.

·         For any type of data change, the same is required to be marked in the checklist supplied by the council. Please note the process of online modification in candidate’s database by school’s/colleges is discontinued form this year.

·         For change of photograph it is mandatory to submit the form with the New / Correct photograph pasted in the appropriate box to the Council along with the checklist. The Head of the Institution should authenticate all forms forwarded from the School by putting his/her seal & signature in the designated place in the form.




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